The Spins Gainesville FL - Testimonial

“This was my first time on a cycle pub but certainly not going to be the last! The owners were super nice and informative about the best bars and places to eat. I was in Gainesville visiting a friend and she suggested the cycle pub because she thought it was something fun and different to do. She was right! From the get go there was a lot of energy and laughter, and A LOT of attention from bystanders. Felt very VIP actually and was a great icebreaker at the bars we went to as everyone in the bar sees you arriving. Had some great conversations and actually made some friends on the tour! Next time I go back to Gainesville, I’m booking another adventure with The Spins!

PS- The actual bike is super awesome! Love the design and very big fan of sugar skulls myself so I ended up purchasing a sick tank with the logo!”

— Ali P.

“WHAT FUN! This was my first cycle pub tour and it was riotous fun! Music played on our multi-person cycle mobile while we spun up and down the streets of downtown Gainesville. We took shortcuts and “longcuts” all around the city with pedalers and pedestrians smiling at the ‘bicycle.’

If you are feeling tired (or unable to) cycle, there are a couple non-cycling seats, making it the ride equally possible for most all. Erica & Dave seem genuinely interested in promoting local discovery and community fun, too.”

— Jessie F.

“Went on a tour for the opening night and had a great time. Erica and Dave are super friendly, flexible, and fun. It’s a great way to spend time with friends, meet new people, and see what awesome places downtown Gainesville has to offer. Went back for another tour a week later and had a blast. The tours are engaging, entertaining, and unique. Can’t wait to go back!”

— Theresa L.

“We went went out for a ride with The Spins on a Saturday and had an awesome time! The owners, Erica and Dave, are enthusiastic about their business and making sure everyone has a good time. The bike itself is really neat and beautifully decorated. We pedaled down the downtown Gainesville streets laughing, playing sweet tunes, and getting lots of waves. Not only was the group a blast, but we also got to see (and drink at!) some bars that we had never been to before. Good people, good drinks, and a unique way to spend an evening. Would definitely do it again and recommend to others!”

— Kat K.