The Spins Gainesville FL - Story

The Spins is a locally owned and operated party bike tour experience. Inspired by a party bike we saw in downtown Nashville and impressed by the sheer joy we viewed on the faces of the riders, we decided right then and there to bring that experience to the Gainesville community.

Up to 15 riders at a time can pedal on our “bicycle limousine” while sitting at a bar top. Riders are invited to BYOB and enjoy a two-hour tour of various local bars, pubs and restaurants while a knowledgeable tour guide operates the steering and braking of the vehicle. While tours on The Spins are fun-filled and laid-back, riders must be prepared to pedal as they are the driving force of the tour. (So yes, there is some work involved, but the reward is totally worth it!)

Manufactured by “Cycle Pub” in Bend, Oregon by engineers who previously manufactured Cessna planes, The Spins bike can be booked for an array of events — any celebration (birthdays, graduations, bachelor parties), game day shenanigans, team building functions, office parties, and girls or boys nights out.

The goal of a tour on The Spins is to experience Gainesville, enjoy the uniqueness of our city and, of course, to have fun!

Come celebrate with us!

— Cofounders Erica Husak and Dave Godec

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If you’d like to book a tour, click here or call us at (352) 672-6319.