You might have heard by now that The Spins is the premier provider of party bike tours to the best bars, clubs and pubs that our awesome city has to offer. You may have seen our “bicycle limousine” pedaling around with a happy group who were partying and living it up late night in downtown Gainesville, or in midtown on Gator game days. And it’s true that most of our tours are booked by the 21 and up crowd who are invited to BYOB and enjoy a pub tour. But The Spins also loves families! That’s right, we are 100% family-friendly and fun for all ages.

Groups with children ages 10 and up can call and rent our party bike for a daytime trip of up to 15 riders. You’ll enjoy two hours of relaxation and fun as we cycle around some of Gainesville’s finest family-friendly locations. Grab a delicious and refreshing homemade ice pop at The Hyppo, then pedal your group over to Bo Diddley Plaza for some tunes and to check out the Water Wall. Or maybe head over to the new Depot Park and splash around in the Blue Grotto, play in the exciting custom play area and experience the Conservation Area.

The fall weather is perfect for group cycling and the possibilities for family fun are literally endless! Feel free to bring snacks, and if you’re celebrating a birthday or other special occasion on The Spins, you can spruce things up by adding some streamers, banners or balloons to the bike to spread the word about your special day. When you book The Spins, we will provide the cycle, the driver, music, a cooler full of ice for any refreshments you care to bring along and a guaranteed day of fun for the whole family.

Ready to ride? For more information on The Spins, check out our FAQ page, or call us at (352) 672-6319.