Have you seen our beloved pub-on-wheels pedaling around downtown? Have you wondered what the heck that awesome contraption is? You may have heard of cycle pubs in places like Nashville or Savannah. Well, The Spins brought the fun to GNV!

Our locally owned and operated party bike provides tours to 15 people at a time. So your whole crew can join! Riders can BYOB and enjoy Gainesville’s greatest sites during our two-hour ride. We visit locations like Tall Paul’s, Oak and First Magnitude. Or we can customize a tour to swing by your favorite spots!

We aim to promote the “Gainesville Experience” and showcase our city’s unique culture along our rides. The Spins is a proud local business that feeds business directly into other local businesses. (Isn’t it great how that works!?) We adore our downtown community.

So where do you come in? The first step to any party bike ride is to Shift Into First Beer, aka get into party mode! This awesome slogan was created by one of our local riders, and it suits our bike perfectly. Our number one goal is for everyone to have a great time while pedaling around the streets we know and love. (Yes, there is some actual pedaling involved. But it’s fun! We promise.)

So the next time you see us on the streets, give us a shout! We would love to chat with you, or better yet, party with you!