If you are looking for an awesome St. Paddy’s Day party, look no further! The Spins party bike is the best way to meet new friends, get noticed downtown, and enjoy exclusive drink specials. This will be our first year operating the party bike in Gainesville on St. Patrick’s Day and I couldn’t be more excited! March 17th is like Christmas (if Santa was a little more laid back and into craft beers).

I have worked about 16 years in the service industry. It has become industry standard to never actually celebrate one of these holidays yourself because you are obviously working them! But, St. Paddy’s Day is by far one of my favorite days to work. I moved here from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I used to work at a great bar in Nob Hill called Monte Vista Fire Station. It was pretty happening all of the time, but on March 17th… OMG! We used to open the bar early and I got a kick out of introducing beermosas to all of the patrons looking to celebrate early. For those of you not familiar, a beermosa is a light beer with orange juice in it. Some people call it a brass monkey, but I feel much more accomplished saying beermosa!

Anyways, the staff would get decked out in all shades of green and we would have a blast serving folks. Everyone is prone to bar hop on St. Paddy’s, so it was usually quick service and high customer turnover. Now this year, I get to help people bar hop! We will be taking riders to three different bars where they will enjoy green beers,