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How many people can ride on the party bike?

We can accommodate up to 15 riders. There are 10 pedaling seats, 2 non-pedaling, and a 3-seater rear bench.

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Where will we ride to?

We LOVE local businesses! We will visit approximately 3-5 local bars and restaurants where you will get VIP drink specials.

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How long are the tours?

Tours are typically two hours, but we can add additional time to your tour for an additional fee.

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I want to decorate the bike for our celebration, can I do that?

Yep! Bring streamers, banners, a couple balloons, or whatever you’d like to help celebrate your occasion.

The Spins Gainesville FL - FAQ

I’m hungry…

Bring some snacks! If you choose to order a meal at one of the restaurants, that’s okay, but keep in mind it will “eat up” a lot of your pedaling time!

The Spins Gainesville FL - FAQ

What about kids?

Our standard pub crawl tours are for riders ages 21 and up. But we also LOVE families! So, families with children ages 10 and up may call and rent the bike for a daytime trip. (Instead of beers, think popsicles!)

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I want to rent the bike for the whole day, is that possible?

Yep! Just give us a call. We are a locally owned and operated business and we can accommodate most requests.

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What occasions can I rent the bike for?

Glad you asked! Birthdays, graduations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, work functions, team building activities, Gator game days, anniversaries, your dog’s birthday. Pretty much anything. It’s so fun!

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